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Mainting the RoseApp application with accurate information about the program is a lot of work and it is only worth if the application is used by a lot of people. For 2017 we decided to not supply the application with an updated program because experiences in 2015 and 2016 showed that it is difficult to organise promotion and awareness of the application and thereby the use did not reach a level that compensates the time that we invested the last two years.

We hope that in future times the promotion and use of this type of application will grow and then we can bring the application back into the rose valley. For up-to-date information about the program of this year we like to point you to the website of the municipality




There are many different types of smart phones and we can not test all of them. The below table shows the phones that have been tested until now:

Phone O.S. Remarks
iPhone 4 iOS 7.3 tested OK
iPhone 4s iOS 8.1 tested OK
iPhone 5s iOS 8.2 tested OK
iPhone 5s iOS 9.3 tested OK
Galaxy Note 3 Android 5.0 tested OK
HTC one Android 5.1 tested OK
Huawei Android 4.3 tested OK



Both the Apple as the Google App support offline use. The Apple version support this for 100% but on the Android version it is necessary that you cache the information while you are connected to the Internet. This basically means that all parts of the program (event list, detail page) that you viewed while you are online will be stored in the memory of the phone. These pages will also load later, when you are offline and you open them again.


Both the Apple as the Android version of the App support localisation in the English and Bulgarian language

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