rose app not available in 2017


the festival program

Have it with you on your smart phone and easily browse by date and location
Start screen

From the start screen you can quickly open the listing of events and open a map with the locations of the festival.


See on a map all the locations close to your own GPS position. Click on a location to get the event list of that location.


Get an overview of the events sorted by date, select a specific filter such as ‘for childern’ or ‘for free’ to make a more specific selection.

Event details

Preview pictures of the event and, read a detailed description of the of the programe and get more specifc details such a start en end time.

About Us

Building a Festival App
Bringing the festival progam to your smart phone

We are ATA48, a web-development company from Sofia. We know the Rose Festival for years and thought it would be good if the festival would get a more modern way of presentating the extensive programe of events. We contacted the Kazanlak municipality and to our great pleasure they where of the same opinion. So here we are now, developing a mobile App for both Apple as Android devices. The main goal of the festival App is to give visitor directly from their smart phone a clear overview of events, both time-wise (day by day) as in terms of geographical orientation. Furthermore we aim to give you detailed information from each event, both in English as Bulgarian language and we will try to make the App also work offline as much as possible (except from the GPS routing functionality).

  • Map

    Find locations on a map

  • Programe

    List events by day

  • Offline

    Also working when you are offline

  • Complete

    Offering a detailed programe

Demonstration movie

Browsing through the festival program day by day or use a map for navigation

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